David Dobrik

David Dobrik

In the video, Dobrik dons a long-haired wig and pretends to offer fellatio to Zeglaitis of their roommate’s bed in an effort to prank her. The Slovakia-born internet star also stated that he ought to have listened to everybody who came out with these allegations and that he shouldn’t have cracked jokes on this very matter. However, upon reaching the latter’s apartment, she realized that Dobrik wasn’t there, and recalled the ordeal she we via. The alleged victim also posted another video that TikTok took down. In the above video, the TikToker is seen explaining her situation. She claims to have gone with Dom only as a result of she was a fan of David Dobrik and wanted to satisfy him.

  • By the third video, “Epic Roommate Prank,” the pair had moved to LA and the persona began to take form.
  • Dobrik filmed Hannah at the condo, and as she entered Zeglaitis’ bed room with him.
  • The 24-yr-old YouTuber, who has nearly 19 million subscribers on his primary channel, made headlines earlier this month when a woman accused Dominykas Zeglaitis (better often known as “Durte Dom”) of sexual assault.
  • Dobrik’s vlogs characteristic a recurring group of associates who collectively comprise “The Vlog Squad”.
  • BuzzFeed reported in February that Joseth “Seth” Francois said he was tricked into kissing somebody as a part of a “prank” video for Dobrik’s channel in 2017.

There’s “Cool Intro” and “Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out” that had been created earlier than the vlogs formally began, featuring Zeglaitis as himself, with out the pink bandana or sexual innuendos he would quickly turn out to be identified for on Dobrik’s channel. Reviewing YouTube movies featuring Zeglaitis in the wake of sexual-assault allegations paints a picture of a bunch that was so centered on creating content that they ignored potential pink flags along the way. With all these allegations in thoughts, the 24-year-old came out with an apology video on YouTube. He apologized to everybody who may have been assaulted over time for the sake of his movies. Recently, two girls got here out and accused Dom and the Vlog Squad of coercing them into sexual conditions on the pretext of being featured of their movies.


In gentle of the allegations against Dom, the company released a press release on Twitter, condemning all types of sexual harassment. The video was posted sometime last 12 months, a lot before the current allegations in opposition to Dom surfaced. For those unfamiliar with the accusations, David Dobrik’s Vlog squad stands accused of violating consent for a vlog, where women had been coerced into performing sexual acts with Durte Dom in trade for being featured in a vlog. David Dobrik has even confirmed the incident in an interview, mentioning that based on him the state of affairs was consensual. Hannah claims that she and a few of her pals had been invited to film with the group for a video.

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Dobrik formally joined Twitch and launched his streaming channel. His initial live stream peaked at 47,233 concurrent viewers in accordance with the analytics software SullyGnome, and his channel gained 201K followers complete. ; born July 23, 1996) is a United States-primarily based YouTuber, comedian, actor and podcaster of Slovak nationality, and a co-founder of the Dispo app. He discovered early success on the video-sharing platform Vine, earlier than starting his vlog on his YouTube channel in 2015.

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‘People felt like they needed to be silent for the sake of my video, and that’s not right,’ mentioned David Dobrik in a brand new apology video posted Monday. What function can art play in opening eyes to the humanity of people totally different from ourselves? Multiple ladies accuse house owners of the Cloak & Dagger nightclub of sexual misconduct and of overlooking misconduct by famous members.

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